The Power of the Labyrinth

Another Gala: For Politics or Pleasure?
The Ulrics host another of the famous balls at their luxurious manor, the fourth one this year!

Even the simplest of parties and gatherings can cost many a coin to put on. From getting the word out to providing food for the guests, the costs quickly add up, and a gala is the most expensive kind of event one can throw. The buffet alone at the Ulrics’ last gala cost over 50,000gp, and the entertainment by the famous [Silver Bard] is rumored to have cost twice as much. If you add together all the expenses of their last event, the Ulrics dished out more money than they pay all of their iron workers for in half a year. It’s such an insane amount of money, almost any noble family short of the Duke and King himself could afford to do more than one a year.

That being said, the Ulric galas are known to be the best in the kingdom, with dignitaries from around the kingdom and outside of it coming to enjoy the event. Already the streets are bustling the the influx of tourists and the Gala is still two weeks away! Due to their growing popularity, it is coming increasingly difficult to get an invitation to one of these high-class balls. Lucky for you, your very own Jaconis Jarpy has received one and promises a detailed description of the gala. Be sure to check the papers next week!


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