The Lost Gods of Cureal

Another Gala: For Politics or Pleasure?
The Ulrics host another of the famous balls at their luxurious manor, the fourth one this year!

Even the simplest of parties and gatherings can cost many a coin to put on. From getting the word out to providing food for the guests, the costs quickly add up, and a gala is the most expensive kind of event one can throw. The buffet alone at the Ulrics’ last gala cost over 50,000gp, and the entertainment by the famous [Silver Bard] is rumored to have cost twice as much. If you add together all the expenses of their last event, the Ulrics dished out more money than they pay all of their iron workers for in half a year. It’s such an insane amount of money, almost any noble family short of the Duke and King himself could afford to do more than one a year.

That being said, the Ulric galas are known to be the best in the kingdom, with dignitaries from around the kingdom and outside of it coming to enjoy the event. Already the streets are bustling the the influx of tourists and the Gala is still two weeks away! Due to their growing popularity, it is coming increasingly difficult to get an invitation to one of these high-class balls. Lucky for you, your very own Jaconis Jarpy has received one and promises a detailed description of the gala. Be sure to check the papers next week!

Kalysara's Journal
Session 1

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After many days of travel, I’ve made it to the Warden City of Dafeld, next to the sea. After a bit of wandering around, I arrived at the Musky Casket, a very dirty and run down looking tavern. It sits across the street from a forge that I found belongs to the infamous Ulricks, a family that pretty much runs this town and treats it’s employees terribly. The Musky Casket smells as terrible inside as it looks from the outside. It was quite noisy, but obviously well-traveled. There were many people inside, most of which seemed to be workers from the aforementioned forge across the street. Did I mention it smells quite awful inside?

I got a mug of ale and sat in a corner, watching the patrons and looking for her. The patrons really didn’t seem to care to give me the time of day. The ale was pretty disgusting, and I found something floating in it.

Right as I noticed that she was there, a human male came over to me, obviously very drunk, and told me about how an elf had swindled him. He expected me to buy a round of drinks for the entire tavern to make up for it. I tried to convince him to let me buy him a couple drinks instead, but then he refused and was adamant that I buy for the entire tavern, as they were all being held down by their employers, the Ulricks. I’d have done it if I had the coin to spare, but I didn’t think to bring more than 10gp. I ended up getting hit in the face by the drunken man, and tossed around a little bit, before a stranger came over to try to diffuse the situation. Another two workers got up and headed towards me, as well as the lady I was looking for. Wanting to get the situation under control, I finally tried to knock the first man unconscious, and instead my staff flew out of my hands and hit the bartender, knocking him unconscious. EVERYONE looked over at me and looked angry, so I said a quick healing word to help him get back up quickly so I didn’t get mobbed by the entire tavern. Another man came by and was being accused of stealing by another man. So much chaos. I really should have just bought the tavern a round.

All of a sudden, three men walked in, and everyone stopped and immediately looked like they weren’t doing anything troublesome. I overheard that those men were Ulricks. I bought a replacement ale for the man, Einar, who had tried to intervene on my behalf, and then went to introduce myself to Elize, the woman I had been looking for. She seemed confused by my presence, but was fine with me tagging along. I didn’t get a chance to talk to her much about my vision before she started questioning people for some general information. It seems she also isn’t from around here, but is a Captain of the Golden Army.

We ended up going up to a very finely furnished second floor of the tavern to ask the Ulrick’s about the whereabouts of Elize’s brother, and found that the man who was accused of stealing was up there as well, and Einar also had come up behind us. We were all directed to talk to a man named Addius Ulrick. Elize and I later found out that Addius could be found at the Ulrick factory in the middle of town, near the Eye of Elok.

Einar and the strange man were outside the tavern discussing something, but went quiet when Elize and I showed up, and started walking away. Elize and I followed, and then she seemed to remember that she wanted to go by the forge across from the tavern, so we turned back. Einar and the strange man then followed us that way. We quickly found that we weren’t welcome in the forge, and thus headed towards the center of town to find the Ulrick factory.

The Eye of Elok was beautiful. It seems to float above a specific spot. What looks to be a mirror is right under it, and then a pool of water that doesn’t seem to move. Around the pool is a perfect circle of grass. I went over to inspect the natural properties of the pool, and I fear I collapsed and had another vision. Pzcbr vowfsr, pzis smsr awrrzs ousr kcaob kwhv ob owf ct bcpwzwhm. Vsf smsg uc ufom og hvs zwts wb vsf zsojsg. W gok bc chvsf gwubg wb am jwgwcb hc hszz as kvsfs W bssr hc zccy tcf hvwg kcaob. W vcds W oa opzs hc ghcd vsf rsohv og kszz…

When I awoke, a guard was yelling at us about not stepping on the grass, not caring that I am a druid and more connected to nature than the usual peasant. Today is not my day it seems.

We finally made our way to the factory and spoke with Addius. He told us that Elize’s brother was dead, and then after giving a note for compensation, admitted that Elize’s brother is actually alive and on a mission of sorts. Einar and the strange man were not given a job it seems, and I heard some mention of a foiling of some sort of plot? What kind of business is Einar and the other man into?

Outside the factory, I think we came to an agreement to go to a place together. I don’t really care much, as long as I am able to do my best to keep what is in my visions from coming to pass…


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