Addius Ulrick

Youngest brother to Albanion Ulrick the Second


Albanion the second and Addius Ulrick spent much of their time together while growing up. They trust each other greatly and rely on each other when the need arises. As a result, when the Ulrick family was awarded knighthood, Albanion split the “Head of Family” duties between himself and Addius. Albanion took over the new political and militaristic responsibilities that came along with the title of knighthood. Addius took over the business operations left behind by their father.

Addius is responsible for the production and distribution of the Ulrick family goods – the family’s trademark weapons and armors. With a wide range of advisers that keep him up to date on every level, Addius is very knowledgeable about the details of the business. When he is able to, he likes to check up on various operations in person.

Addius is well informed about many other aspects of the economy in the Golden kingdom. Information on other businesses is always welcomed information. He is even known to consult with wizards about additional items to trade in their shops, or to talk about improvements to existing practices. In addition, he always seems to know when a village or town is in dire need and redirects this information to his elder brother. The merchants of the Ulrick Family serve as a good information network for the family.

He has a few of his own personal troops. He dispatches them to take care of anything that may interfere with Ulrick family operations.

Addius Ulrick

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