Albanion Ulrick the Second

The Second Head of the Ulrick Family


Albanion Ulrick the Second is the charismatic head of The Ulrick Family. The eldest of his brothers, he always felt the responsibility to care for and protect them, and not only them, but his entire family. He craves more for his family, and though little his known about him to the general public, the following story caused quite a murmur in the gossiping circles of his now fellow nobles:

“The way I heard it is, back before they foiled that whole assassination plot, Albanion and his younger brother Addius made a trip up to Bafeld to check on their holdings there. Accustomed to the respect he got here for being one of the richest men in the whole city, he was shocked to find that he was treated like one of the commoners, even to an extent where he was refused entry to some places. This climaxed on his final day in the city when he and his brother wished to visit the finest pub in the Golden City, called The Golden Mug. What he didn’t know is that the pub was reserved for those of ‘noble’ blood. Upon refusing to leave his chosen place of drink, the city guards were called, and he was escorted out of the city and told to come back when he was ‘noble enough.’ That’s when he set his eyes on knighthood. Rumor has it that, just a couple months ago, he bought the Golden Mug and only allows members of his family to drink there now.”

Albanion Ulrick the Second

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