Artorius Ulrick


The Ulrick family rose to the ranks of nobility relatively recently. When assassins would have killed several high nobles, the family stepped in. They were rewarded for their service with a knighthood. In addition to fine fighters produced within the Ulrick Knight ranks, the Ulrick family owns a business that forges and distributes various weapons and armors within the Golden Kingdom. Like any nobles house, they have their share of secrets.

Artorius is the third son of Lord Ulrick, the Head of the family. Like his father, he has high expectations for himself and others. He trained with the Ulrick knights, mastering various battle maneuvers and the discipline of the forge. As part of his training, he was to forged each armor piece and weapon carries into battle. As a result, Artorius is always seeking to improve on his design and takes pride in his ever expanding arsenal.

When Artorius failed to complete a task of great importance, his father made arrangements to have him assigned to an investigation job.

Artorius Ulrick

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