Once a minion of Sut, she now helps the party in their endeavors.


Morgana has dark, raven-black hair that falls just below her shoulders. She has eyes of amber, though they have been known to change colors depending on the spells she is casting at the time. She wears a long black dress, with a deep v-neck, and a belt with several component pouches attached to it. Around her neck is an old, worn necklace.


Morgana grew up in Lakeside, a town on the edges of the Golden Kingdom. She never knew her father, who, according to her mother, was a simple traveling merchant with compassionate eyes and hair like fire. Her mother was a traveling sorceress, going from town to town helping those in need of magical assistance. Morgana’s mother knew, however, that the road was no place to raise a child. So she left Morgana in the care of the mayor of lakeside, having known him for many years and a newborn son himself. Her mother visited often though, training her child in the ways of magic. Morgana grew up wanting for nothing, and becoming close friends with Belward, the mayor’s son. Years passed, and Morgana was promised to marry Belward. Morgana had no objections to the betrothal, but Belward did. It had turned out that Belward was in love with another man. Belward revealed this fact to Morgana, who then fled the town in embarrassment and fiery anger.

In the wilds of the Golden Kingdom, Morgan came upon a mysterious portal. When she stood near it, she heard the most beautiful voice speaking to her, begging her to enter the portal. She obeyed the voice, not knowing that it led to her enslavement to the Great Deceiver. Sut told Morgana that he held her mother captive, and if she ever disobeyed him, he would kill her in an instant. Her mother was all that Morgana had left, so she obeyed.

From there she began hunting down the Artifacts of the Gods for Sut. Eventually she discovered that there was one in Dafeld, and attempted to obtain it by convincing The Ulrick Family to use it to kill the Duchess of Dafeld, and claim it as an accident. This plot was foiled by the party, however, and Morgana just barely escaped with the mirror.


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