Prince Masyn Golden

Prince of the Royal Family of the Golden Kingdom


Blonde hair, green eyes. 6ft. 2in. tall. Expert swordsman. Age 26.


Son of King Rodrick Golden, Prince Masyn was known for his extreme shyness as a child, although that never extended to his sister. Upon her birth, the prince swore an oath to protect her life at the cost of his own until she was able to protect herself. He never left her side until he felt he had adequately trained her in the art of a swordsman, and even then he felt uneasy about leaving her alone. His worst fears were realized upon her kidnapping, and only his close friend and companion Captain Rionor was able to keep him from pursuing the captors immediately after their departure. It was his determination that brought our band of adventurers together to rescue his beloved sister from the clutches of evil.

Prince Masyn Golden

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