Golden Kingdom

The Golden Kingdom is, without a doubt, the most powerful kingdom in all of Cureal. Their influence is so great, in fact, that their native language, Golden, has become the common language across Cureal. Their capital is the Golden City of Bafeld, and is home to the Golden King, King Rodrick, and his Royal Family.

The Golden Kingdom only truly became powerful with the resolution of the Great War of the Two Kingdoms, which they were victorious in due to their superior weaponry and astounding battlefield tactics.

In their rule, the Golden Kingdom has embraced a policy of religious and philosophical freedom, encouraging everyone to worship and believe in whatever gods they choose. While this policy has ensured a positive public opinion of the ruling class, it has also caused several conflicts throughout the years, climaxing with the secret kidnapping of Princess Magdalen, who was then rescued by a group of adventurers.

Though the Golden Kingdom is prospering, times of peace are often the most dangerous times for politics, as a difference in opinions can often get you killed.

Golden Kingdom

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